• ⊕ YaChia Night Market (Spring 2013)

    Skills: 2D Illustration / User Interface design / Coding / HTML & CSS / Game design / Animation

    Software: Adobe Illustrator /Adobe Dreamweaver / Adobe Flash (AS3) /Wordpress / My SQL

    Description:  Based on the theory of "game for activism," YaChia Night market is a social game that immersed the players' thoughts with a long-term engagement gaming experiences. By exerting the power of social networking and encouraging the use of user generated content (UGC), the players started pay attention on some soical issues and tried to expressing their opinions while playing this game.   2014 Game for Activism Exhibition in Taiwan

  • ⊕ Puppet Faceoff (Spring 2012~)

    Skills: Image editing / User Interface design / Coding / Game design / Animation / Wood crafting

    Software: Adobe Photoshop / Processing & Arduino

    Description:  A interactive installation device for simulating the experiences of control Marionette Puppets. When the player drop the controlers, the puppets show on the vitual stage. The players can catch their faces via camera and apply their faces on the puppets' faces.

  • ⊕ ShanYuan Acupoints (Spring 2010)

    Skills: User Interface design design / 3D Lighting / Coding / HTML & CSS / Animation

    Software:  MAYA / Illustrator / Flash (ActionScript 2)

    Description:  A inforgraphic project for visualizing the functions of acupoints and acupressures. The users can find out how to press currect acupoints for treating specific physical problems in 3 steps.