• Topic: Puppet Face off (2012)

    Software: Photoshop /Processing/ arduino

        The methods of this project are similar to the original concepts of “Marionette Puppet” which control the puppets through wires to master the puppets. There are four controlers of this project, and each controler is connected by five ropes that stretch into a stage box. Inside of the stage box, a 22 inch computer monitor represents a visual stage.
        When the players drop down controlers into the box, the visual puppets drop down from the top of the monitor on the screen. When the players sway the controlers, the puppets will have some actions.
        Another function of this work is the player can project their face on the puppets by pressing the “Face Off” button and the “Capture” button, and go back to the stage by pressing “Start” button. Then, the puppets will have the players’ face on it. If the players want to reset the puppets, they can press the “Default” button.
        To combine the “traditional” and “technological” is one of my interests, and I would like to think about how to create something that players are able to learn in a positive way and have fun while playing. The main challenge of “Puppet Face off” is to create a device that bridges the visual and real world, so I developed this project based on human reaction and habits. The mose exciting part of this project is the players not only control the puppets, but also become one of the puppets, which creates an immediate association between the players and project. Also, this project can be a strong storytelling tool for kids. The amount of players can range from one to a small class.

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