• Topic: Hello Taiwan- Interactive application (Spring 2006)

    Software: Photoshop /Illustrator /Flash /After Effect /Premiere

        It was a group project. I was the lead designer and art director of this project. I did most visual 2D drawings and managzed this 10 person group.
    Includes 20 Taiwanese festivals related to Taiwanese culture.
    HTML vision and Flash vision.
    Includes 20 flash games, stories behind each festival, audio of stories, and maps.
    For kids who are like to play web games.
    Parents can play with their children, teach their children the cultural background of the festivals, and visit the
    festivals that they are interested in.
    2. Index page for Hello Taiwan-Flash vision or HTML vision selections
    3. Flash vision- the player can go around the whole scene by walking right or left. The sky color will change over time.
    4. Clicking on the building will show information about the festival.
    5. HTML vision- the 20 buttons on the Taiwan terrain are related to 20 festivals.
    6. 20 games are available in Hello Taiwan.
    7. Exhibition prepared.
    8. Participated in four exhibitions.
    9. The players in an exhibition.
    10. Our team members.

    *Awarded: National Bureau of Controlled Drugs, Department of Health: E-learning - An excellent work(2006)