• Topic: Random Meal - Mobile Application Concept (2010)

    Software: Illustrator/ Flash

         In the present-day, because the relationship between work and family structure was changed, more and more people don't cook by themselves and sometimes want to solute the needs of food quickly. Especially for college students and singles, many of them live by themselves and lazy to cook. However, to eat outside become a everyday task for them. They need to control the limited budget of utilities, so the questions of "what they should eat today" could be an annoying thing for them.
         I am planning to design an application which can solve this problem in an easy and quick way. This application can help the users to figure out what to eat by clicking several buttons or setting some data. In order to achieve the purpose for clear and fast for the users to do the decision, the user interface need to be simple and intuitional.
    1. To answer "what should I eat" in a short time.
    2.Narrow the variety choices that the users have.
    3.To figure what the users should eat in 2 minutes.
    4.Classify the categories of food choice, such as price, value, country style, location, restaurant or take-out, food names.
    5.If there have more than one choice, the users can set the data and then" shaking it."

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