• Topic: The Birth Pets (2007)

    Software: Photoshop /Illustrator

        Two drawing for birth pets. One of the style with a special helmet which influenced from traditional Chinese symbols, and the pets hold different traditional musical instruments or toys. Another style which is more simple are represent the pop slangs that associated as their unique skills.
    2.Rat - 膽小如鼠(Chicken-hearted)
    3.Ox - 泥牛入海
    4.Tiger - 如虎添翼
    5.Hare - 守株待兔(Passive waiting)
    6.Dragon - 飛龍在天(Soaring dragon on the sky)
    7.Snake - 靈蛇吐珠
    8.Horse - 露出馬腳(Flaw)
    9.Sheep - "揚"長而去(Walk away)
    10.Monkey - 猴塞雷阿(Powerful)
    11.Cock - 呆若木雞(Transfixed)
    12.Dog - 狗皮膏藥(Sticking plaster)
    13.Boar - 珠光寶氣(The splendor of jewels)