• Topic: The Puppet Show (winter 2010)

    Software: Maya/ Photoshop/ Painter/ Flash AS3

        The concept of the design is a wooden display case which requires the user to insert a coin in order to start this puppet show. After inserting a coin, the door of the case will open and show the puppet stage. The users need to press the buttons on the case, and the puppet that relates to the button will show up. If the users press multi buttons, the puppets will interact. This puppet show has four characters, including a cute boy, a frank boy, a girl, and a monster. And the two boys both like the girl and the girl will get into trouble with the monster which is a typical story structure. However, the end of this puppet show is different from others. In this puppet show, the cute boy is not perfect and strong, the girl is not smart and kind, the frank boy is too persistent, and the monster is not terrible. When the users change the order of pressing buttons, the story will have different results. There are four puppets in the show which represent four characteristics.

    Nick - Handsome and cute guy but cowardly
    John - Frank with friendship
    Emma - Normal young girl
    Zada - Looks ferocious but kind

        In most Disney stories, the prince and the princess always overcome all difficulties and have a joyful ending, the supporting roles are ignored, and the monsters are killed at the end. However, in the real world, a good looking guy may be cowardly, a girl might not choose the one who can really protect her, a normal guy might be not normal, and a monster might be kind.

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