• Topic: TeacGui Cp

    Software: Photoshop, Illustrator


         The concepts were from a Korean TV show "Global We Got Married," a reality show for idols' virtual marriages (April 2013 - July 2013).

         In the beginning, I tried to do a test about the "relationship and reactions between a show and the audience" because I was influenced by a LeoBurnett's presentation. The speaker metioned "In the internet world, not share means not existed." I started thing about that most of my works were created for specific topics, and I have never try to create about "popular culture." So I designed to make some artwork base on the TV show.

         I drew the funny interaction between Teacyeon Ok and Emma Wu every and published on the internet every week when the show were published. All of the drawing weere done in a short of time.

    I was surpised the results and feedbacks. My works were put on the office Facebook several times, and I had many fans. However, some people took them for business purposes without contact with me. After that, I decided to declare the copyright clearly.

         I realized how embarrassed the relationshop between designer's copyrights and the share substances on the internet can be. But still, I learned a lot!