• Thesis Topic: Game for Activism

    Project Topic: YaChia Night Market

    Software: Illustrator /Flash AS3 /Dreamweaver /My SQL

    Activism Media: 
        Activism refers to social movements and focuses on specific political or social issues that people try to resist or undo, or it can explain the actions to express the needs of normal people (Berkeley). Art is an indispensable media for most activism, and SNS is the newest medium that has been used in political activities. Art plays an integral role in activism, from sit-ins, protests, parades to the usage of the Internet, which can be classified into traditional media and digital media. This classification is a benchmark in the use of the Internet transmission. Traditional media includes paintings, posters, leaflets, comics, music, performances, radio, and movies, and digital media includes websites, SNS, blogs, videos, games, and applications on smart phones/tablets.

    Traditional Media: 
        Since social movements have been used for expressing people’s opinions, numerous art works and organizations have been created for different issues. For instance, WochenKlausur is an artist group created by Wolfgang Zinggl in 1992, and the amount of group members is changing by different projects using different mediums in several ways for achieving their purposes (Zinggl). They believe that art shouldn’t be just art, and art should be involved in the real life. For example, the solution of real problems can be found in political circumstances; the improvement of human coexistences should be pointed out; and the new way of thinking, spirits, energy, and creativities should be defined through artworks. Although art can have different purposes, such as personal interests, seeking for identity, or financial affairs, art has another important mission: to transform living conditions. From the adverting industry’s point of view, changes to the society’s social environment will affect the psyche of humans, but the fact is human’s ideological principles won’t be changed through external elements. Additionally, their definitions of “What Art can do” are very interesting, which include art can transmit feelings and cause one’s heart to vibrate. Another interactive project called The Eyewriter which was created by Zach Lieberman to helped the famous graffiti artist TEMPTONE who was diagnosed with ALS in 2003, a disease which has left him almost completely paralyzed except for his eyes, TEMPTONE can create his artworks again through a device and then projected the artworks on LA’s buildings just like what he had done before.

    Digital Media: 
        In The art of Protest, T.V. Reed describes the importance of the use of the Internet, and the advantage of using the Internet is to bring people who live in different places together. Also, he discusses the advantages of portable laptop computers and cell phones, which are important tools of activism. Reed believes that new media will be the links for all movements. In the book, there are some cases for using new media for activism, such as the Battle(s) in Seattle, the Anticorporate University, blockades, and the action factions and debt elimination/economic development groups. Battle(s) in Seattle is a movie that is based on the protest activity at the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999, and the film includes some issues of WTO, such as increased hunger, promoting the socio-economic gap between rich and poor, and the death of people.
        Reed points out ”Culture is always entwined with social, economic, and political forces, but they in turn are entwined with culture”(Reed 314). If culture relates to social, economic, and political forces, what is the appearance and composition for a colonized country? If protest is a way to force social changes, will it be a key element for defining a culture?