• Thesis Topic: Game for Activism

    Project Topic: YaChia Night Market

    Software: Illustrator /Flash AS3 /Dreamweaver /My SQL

    Npc Character design: 

        There are three kinds of NPCs and each of them exists for different reasons 1. Politicians: These types of NPCs could be switched depending on the current issues. Most of them have a mouth sign above of their heads. When clicking on the sign, the sayings of the politicians show out randomly, and the players can earn some game currency at regular intervals. Shin Ming-teh: A controversial political figure. He was sent to prison for 25 years because of the Formosa Incident. Ma Ying-jeou: Current Taiwanese President. Belongs to the KMT (Kuomintang) party. Su Tseng-chang: Chairman of the DPP (Democratic Progressive) party. Chen Chu: Current mayor of Kaohsiung. Belongs to the DPP party.

    2. Quizzes NPCs: Some NPCs job is to publish the quizzes, and they always show in the game. 3. Event NPCs: Only appear out for specific events. Unlike politician NPCs, the archetype of quizzes NPCs and event NPCs are focused on designing familiar impressions of Taiwan that provided a sense of the familiar atmosphere to the players. For example, the archetyped of A and B NPC are two Taiwanese high school girl uniforms, the archetype of C NPC is a famous Taiwanese host, and the archetype of D NPC is a Taiwanese performer.