• Thesis Topic: Game for Activism

    Project Topic: YaChia Night Market

    Software: Illustrator /Flash AS3 /Dreamweaver /My SQL

        Combine "Post article" function of forum and casual Facebook game experiences, "YaChia Night Market" encourages the players explaining their own opinions which about the serious issues of society while playing the game.
        Also, it bridged the visual and real world and thus satisfied the basic conditions of activism, such as communication, convey, and exchange of views.

    Table of Content: 
    I. Abstract & Thesis Statement
    II. Introduction of thesis
    III. Media for Activism
    • History of activism
    • Media for activism
    o Traditional media
    o Digital media
    • Opportunities and limitations
    • Game development of activism
    IV. Introduction of serious games
    • Persuasive game - September 12
    • Social movement game – Citizen Science
    • Propaganda game - National ECFA Negotiating Table
    V. Introduction of Social Media
    • Video sharing website - YouTube
    • Social networking micro blog - Twitter
    • Mobile application – Line
    • Social Networking and Game (SNAG) - Disney Interactive Playdom
    o Disney Ghost of Mistwood
    • Social networking sites (SNS) - Facebook
    o Games on Facebook
    VI. Survey- Subjective and Usability of User Habit of the Internet and Facebook
    • Section 1-1 Age, education, gender, region, usability of computer and Internet
    • Section 1-2 Usage of Internet, SNS, and Facebook
    • Section 2 The participation in political and social issues
    VII. Thesis project - YaChia
    • Thesis goals
    • How to achieve the goals
    • The subject matter – Taiwan & Night Market
    • Target audience
    • Game structure
    • Flowchart
    • The issues and problems for activism in YaChia
    • Events and quizzes
    • Visual design of YaChia
    o Start page
    o User interactive
    o Avatar layer setting
    o Npc character design
    o Npc booth
    o Player outfits
    o Player booth
    o YaChia forum
    • The future expansibility of YaChia
    • User testing collation and analyzation
    VIII. Conclusion
    IX. Bibliography