• Thesis Topic: Game for Activism

    Project Topic: YaChia Night Market

    Software: Illustrator /Flash AS3 /Dreamweaver /My SQL

    • Young people don't care about things that happening around them.

      - Media monopoly
      - Low salary
      - High housing prices

    • SNS (social networking site) become a major part of people's daily life.

    !! Question:  What if a project combines the features of SNS and encourgae them to pay attention for the serious social issue around them?

    Thesis Goal: 
    • Bridge the virtual and real worlds.
    • Affect young people's thoughts in daily life.
    • Encourage young people to express and exchange their opinions.

    How to Achieve the Goals: 
    • Familiar game themes
    • Peer cluster effectiveness
    • Topical subject matters