• Taiwan & Night Market: 
        YaChia Night Market is a social simulation persuasive game that attempts to convince the players to care about the current social issues. For entertainment purposes, the players can operate their own booth business in the night market. By completing quizzes, writing articles, getting more push points from other players, and reading other players’ articles at the forum, the players can earn game currency for decorating the booth and dressing up the avatar. Also, the quizzes and events are created ironically based on the popular issues that happen in the real world. Combining the post article function of the forum and the casual SNS game experiences, YaChia Night Market encourages the players to explain their own opinions about the serious issues of society while playing the game. Also, it bridged the virtual and real worlds and thus satisfied the basic conditions of activism, such as communication, conveyance, and exchange of views.

        The history of is a colonial history which causing the issues of racial integration and mix cultures, and Taiwanese have been living in censorship environment for 400 years that cause most Taiwanese don't know what their "root" are and the "truth" of history. For Taiwanese, night markets are one of the images of Taiwan because of the tradition and vitality, and they are the miniature of Taiwanese life.

    2. Taiwan's location at an important strategic position
    3.4.5. For Taiwanese, night market just like bar or mall for American which is the place of social and entertainment occasions.

    Target Audience: 
        Young people who are aged between 20 – 35 years old are the most influential group of the society in the future, and they are also the biggest user group of SNS games. However, many young people tend to ignore the real society changes and only Indulge in the false game worlds.

    Thesis project goals: 
    • Bridge the virtual and real worlds.
    • Affect young people's thoughts in daily life.
    • Encourage young people to express and exchange their opinions.

    How to Achieve the Goals ?: 
    • Familiar game themes for young players.
    • Peer cluster effectiveness.
    • Topical ironical subject matter.

    The future expansibility of YaChia: 
        Like most of SNS simulation games, there are many possibilities for YaChia, such as the amount of issues, business types, avatar outfits, and booth decorations. Additionally, the club function for searching similar interests in a topic or groups of people can be extended as a convocation tool of the procession or protests activities. Also, the mobile platform is a good direction for developing because of the amount of smartphone users.