• Thesis Topic: Game for Activism

    Project Topic: YaChia Night Market

    Software: Illustrator /Flash AS3 /Dreamweaver /My SQL

    Survey- Subjective and Usability of Facebook: 
        How about Taiwanese young people’s point of view on activism topics? The young Taiwanese’s attitude on the participation in political and social issues is showing in section 2.

    Section 2

        To summarize, most young Taiwanese are not satisfied with the existing state of Taiwan, but they haven’t paid attention to the realities because many of them don’t care about the policies and social issues that are happening. The causes of this situation could be the education, cultural background, or the political orientation. One of the breakthroughs for changing this phenomenon is to provide a platform for expressing public opinions through the most commonly used media and encourage young Taiwanese citizens to express and exchange their thoughts while they doing their favorite activities. In order to achieve and to verify the possibility of this method, a SNS game prototype - YaChia Night Market - will be created.