• Project Topic: YaChia Night Market

    Skills: 2D Illustration / User Interface design / Coding / HTML & CSS / Game design / Animation

    Software: Adobe Illustrator /Adobe Dreamweaver / Adobe Flash (AS3) /Wordpress / My SQL

        Based on the theory of "game for activism," YaChia Night Market is a social game that immersed the players' thoughts with a long-term engagement gaming experiences. By exerting the power of social networking and encouraging the use of user generated content (UGC), the players started pay attention on some soical issues and tried to expressing their opinions while playing this game.
        Combined "Post article" function of forum and casual Facebook game experiences, "YaChia Night Market" encourages the players explaining their own opinions which about the serious issues of society while playing the game.
        Also, it bridged the visual and real world and thus satisfied the basic conditions of activism, such as communication, convey, and exchange of views.

  • YaChia Night Market game promote illustration

  • Game start page

  • Player avatar

  • Game user interface design

  • Push & Hush function & player's booth

    Push & Hush: When the player post an article at forum, other players can evaluate the article by giving a push or hush point.
    Booth: Player will have a booth business in the night market.

  • Shoping for avatar's outfit and booth's equipment

  • Stand function for changing booth ooutfit

  • Player's closet for changing avatar outfit

  • When click on the random pedestrians' bubble on the head, the newest artacle's topic of this pedestrian show in the bubble.

  • When click on Non-player character (NPC) mouth, a random saying of the politicians show in the bubble.

  • Everyday persuasive game for emphasizing some social issues.

  • YaChia Forum, players can post article, evaluate the article, and communicate with like-minded people

  • Demoreel: