• Topic: Tuya Gallery - Facebook Application Concept (2010)

    Software: Illustrator /Flash

         Many designers and artists have to face to the same vexation that they always need to publish their artworks in different forums and websites in order to get more attention or share the artworks with different audiences. TuYa gallery is an application which allows the users to publish, share, and display their artworks on Facebook. The main purposes of TuYa gallery are assisting the users to publish their artworks together which might display in different forums, such as CGtalk and Zbrush Central, making it more convenient for the users to display their artworks to different audiences, like their college school classmates and family members, and attracting more audiences through Facebook's functions; for example, the "share" function and the "like" function which publish the users' artworks in a effective way through the amazing social networking power.
        Tuya Gallery is a Facebook Application which allows the uesrs to upload their own artworks , display the artworks, visit other users' galleries, collect other uesrs' artworks, and leave messages for them. This project includes user testing and user centered design.

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