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    Name:  Tasi, YuanTing

    Email:  ting@tyting.com

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    About Ting

        I am writing to express my interest with your visiting. I am taking my M.F.A degree in Interactive Design and Game Development (ITGM) at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

        I believe the professional skills I have are appropriate, such as 2D illustration, animation, 3d modeling, UI design, user experience design, and programming. My portfolio and the works therein attest to my level of dedication to my craft. My speed of completing projects is very fast, and the finished projects have high quality because of my previous teamwork and work experiences. Also, I have good interaction with my teams and colleagues. My own expectation is to be like a sponge, constantly learning and absorbing, so I have the courage to face challenges and new knowledge. Additionally, my first languages are Chinese and Taiwanese, so I can smoothly cooperate and communicate with international teams.

        My passion for learning and developing methods of interaction and art has been with me for my entire life. When I was a kid, I enjoyed creating artworks by using different kinds of materials. As a teenager, I was interested in music because I enjoyed interacting with people. After I graduated from high school, I came to the U.S to learn English, and this experience expanded my horizons. Then, I went back to my country to complete my college degree. During college, I learned media and software of design from sketching, watercolor, sculpturing, photography, film production, video and audio editing, 2D and 3D computer software, C++, PHP, My SQL, and exhibition design. Acting as project lead for multiple student projects, I had a good understanding of time and team management. After that I decided to come to the U.S again in order to pursue my dream of gaining a deeper knowledge about interactive, game, design, and art.

        At SCAD, I realized that programming is the indispensable part of interaction, so I learned Action Script, CSS and UDK for producing my interactive works. Except for learning programming, I kept pushing my 2D and 3D drawing skills and learned user-center design in classes. My portfolio and the works therein attest to my level of dedication to my craft.

        I am ready to contribute as a interactive designer and 2D / 3D artist; I welcome your feedback after you review my website noted below. Please let me know what I must do next to be a candidate for the position.

        Thank you for visiting Ting's portfolio site. If you have any questions, please email Ting or find my phone number in the    resume.pdf