• Exhibition
  • 2014 Game for Activism in Taiwan

    2014 Game for Activism in Taiwan

    Sunflower movement project - The updated exhibition of my thesis


    並由 士林夢工場 贊助200份小禮物,

    16:00~16:30 入場
    16:30~17:00 介紹說服類遊戲 (persuasive game)
    17:00~17:30 介紹本次展覽作品
                       + YaChia Night Market 台灣夜市
                           - 小遊戲 ~ 路平專案
                           - 遊戲更新~學運 警察vs暴民



    Historically, activists for social changes and political movements have leveraged the dominant media of their times, print, radio, TV, and art. In the information age this trend has not changed. Social Network sites (SNS) have already shown their effectiveness as a tool for activism. Unlike other media, games on SNS can engage their audiences while disseminating information and can be a powerful new tool for activism.
    Games on Social Networking Sites (SNS) can be the bridge between virtual and real worlds, affecting people's thoughts in daily life by immersing them in a long-term engagement, thus improving on the weaknesses of other media for activism, which only attracts particular groups of participants.
    Based on the theory of "game for activism," YaChia Night market is a social game that immersed the players' thoughts with a long-term engagement gaming experiences. By exerting the power of social networking and encouraging the use of user generated content (UGC), the players started pay attention on some soical issues and tried to expressing their opinions while playing this game.